TAG adoption procedure for cats


Please note this is subject to change depending on government guidelines regarding coronavirus


Step 1.

Application Form

Have a look at the cats available on this page and if you think one may be a good fit for your household, please fill in the Cat Adoption Application Form but note the following first:

  1. We re-home in east Kent and surrounding areas, ideally within a 45 minute drive from the centre. This is because we are only a small team and it is difficult to carry out post adoption support further afield
  2. We do not re-home cats on busy roads
  3. We don't re-home cats to families with very young children
  4. If there is another cat in the household we will only adopt if all cats involved have lived comfortably with another cat before
  5. If there is a dog in the household we will only adopt if the dog has lived comfortably with a cat before, and the cat has lived comfortably with a dog of similar breed and temperament
  6. If you are in rented accommodation we need to see written permission from your landlord or letting agent that you can keep a cat at the property.


Step 2.

Match Making!

We want to make sure we match the right cat with the right household and we will get in touch if we have a cat who looks like a good fit. 


Step 3.

Home Visit

Home visits are a really important part of the matching process. Depending on covid related guidance at the time this may be an in-person visit or via video call. This is to see the space available to the cat and to discuss how best to settle in. It's also a good opportunity to ask questions about the cat you are interested in.


Step 4.


Once the home visit has been completed we will invite you to make an appointment to come to the sanctuary and meet the cats. We will put together a short list of suitable cats to introduce you to as not all cats may be a good fit with your household. If you meet your perfect match we will give you a shopping list for them and book you an appointment to take them home once you have everything set up and ready.


The re-homing process is for the welfare of our cats and to ensure as much as we can that all humans and cats involved are happy with the adoption.


Adoption fees are: £85 for one cat and £150 for a pair. All adult cats are vet checked, neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms. Kittens are vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms. Ensuring that the kitten is neutered by the time they are 6 months old is a condition of the adoption. The cost of neutering is not included in the adoption fee but can be done at our vets at our charity rate  of £25 for a male and £30 for a female.


Adopting a Cat from TAG

All you need to know about the adoption process.


Age - 10 years old
Colour - Tabby
Sex - Female


Age - 10 years old
Colour -  Tabby
Sex - Female


Age - 9 years old
Colour -  Black
Sex - Male


Age - 10 months old
Colour -  Black & White 
Sex - Male

Dorian Grey

Age - 10 years old
Colour -  Grey & White 
Sex - Male