Cat Advice

Here at TAG, we are always happy to give help and advice on caring for your Cat. Below are just some of the more common areas we are asked about, however please feel free to get in contact and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

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All our cats are neutered/spayed.  If you adopt a kitten that is not neutered/spayed because it is still too young the cost will be your responsibility.  This can be arranged at the appropriate time, through our own vets at a reduced cost.


Every year cats start breeding from the beginning of April right through to November.It only takes one unneutered female to be out of the house and she will have the attention of all the tom-cats in the area.  ”One tomcat can service nine females a night and the results of these couplings then start breeding themselves.” This means 50 births in six months and nine months after that there will be 200. After another nine months there will be 1,000 all from that one male having had its fun for the night.

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Pet owners are inadvertently killing their cats by using flea treatments designed for dogs.

Pet owners inadvertently killing cats by using dog flea treatment

The animal lovers do not realise many products for dogs contain permethrin, an insecticide that can be fatal to cats.  Felines can die merely by coming into contact with a dog being treated with the chemical, a charity says.