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TAG Pet Rescue believes in better than basic care for all animals, big or small, so we have a keen interest with cage sizes and suitability. It’s bad enough that far too many rabbits are permanently locked inside a hutch, but also birds that are in cramped cages, or reptiles kept in inadequate terrariums/vivariums.

Horrific thought but sadly very common

Try to imagine what life must be like to be permanently locked inside a small box!  We would not be allowed to keep a Dog or a Cat in this way, so why is it acceptable to keep a rabbit or bird like this? The poor creature has absolutely nothing to do all day - every week - every month - and for how many years?

While you are busy enjoying your life, your pet can be free to enjoy his

For rabbits ideally a walk-in enclosure is the best set up. The rabbit is safe from predators and you or your child are able to go inside and study your active little pet’s natural behaviour while he is enjoying using his legs!

Birds should be able to spread their wings rather than just hop from perch to perch, so a cage that enables this would be beneficial. It doesn't have to take up an entire room, though an walk-in aviary would obviously be the best choice!

When it comes to reptiles the size of the enclosure required will depend on the species, some prefer wide open spaces while for others this could cause them unnecessary stress. We recommend that you research carefully into the enclosure requirements for your chosen reptile and how large the reptile can grow. That cute little corn snake can grow to up to 6ft which would require a vivarium of at least 6ft if you do not intend to handle them regularly to allow them to stretch out.

Sometimes two is better than one

Most pets are very social creatures and enjoy company, especially rats or rabbits, which is why TAG re-home them in pairs. Having your rabbits neutered is the next best thing that you can do for them as this will eliminate any urges to mate and fight once the hormones have adjusted themselves a few months after neutering. The rabbit will also enjoy life without being grumpy and frustrated. This will make a huge difference to their entire life! Simple!

We're strict because we care

Home checks are carefully carried out prior to re-housing to ensure that the animals are not just for a child’s whim. An adult in the home must be interested in caring for the animal too, as unfortunately children can lose interest very quickly.

If you are looking to adopt a bunny then we must see a permanent enclosure in place, at least 8’x 6’ in size with the hutch either inside or fixed to the top of the run with a ramp enabling the rabbit to have access at all times during the day (and night if the enclosure is fox proof.) All TAG bunnies are neutered and inoculated.

For other small animals, we would need to see that you have the correct sized enclosures needed to facilitate them, or we would advise on the best types and sizes needed prior to adoption.