TAG Adoption procedure for dogs


Firstly we would like to let you know how very thankful we are to you for offering to give a loving, permanent home to a TAG Dog.

Our dogs are chipped, spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and treated for worms and fleas prior to Adoption.


Step 1.

Application form

If you see one of our dogs that you may be interested in rehoming, please fill out the online dog application form provided on our website.

Once we have all your details we will contact you to arrange a home check but only if we feel that the dog could be a suitable match for your circumstances.


Step 2


We carry out home checks prior to adoption to ensure that the home offered is a responsible, sensible, secure and kind home. It’s only right to say that we want nothing but the best possible future for each and every one of our rescue dogs.

Every dog has its own individual personality with different needs and requirements to be considered so this stage determines his/hers best possible future happiness.

Once the home check has been completed, and all is satisfactory, we will make arrangements with you for a meet and greet at: Rosedale Kennels, Rusham Rd, Wingham. CT3 1JL where we privately board our dog’s or at his/her foster home in and around S.East Kent.


Step 3

Meet and greet

If you already own a dog you will be asked to bring your dog along to the meet and greet on the first or second occasion. We may ask you to visit the dog a few more times.

If the meet and greets go well and you wish to take the dog home with you, we don’t ask you, at this stage, to adopt the dog, we will arrange for you to take the dog on a two week trial period


Step 4

Two week Trial period

When you have everything needed at home and are fully prepared to take the dog home with you, you will be doing so on a two week trial periodThis is prior to Adoption.

This gives you the quality time needed to ensure that you are the right match for each other.


Step 5

Settling in period

We do ask that you make arrangements for someone to be at home at all times for at least the first week to help settle the dog into his/her new surroundings.

It takes a little more time for some dogs to settle, others settle straight away.

You may experience the odd accident in the home or crying at night, this is only temporary so we do ask that you give your new dog time and patience to settle while the dog is trying to adjust to his/her new surroundings and bond with his new humans.


Step 6

Adoption procedure

Once the two week home trial is up and you wish to go ahead and adopt, we will ask you to make an appointment to come along to the Centre with your dog to sign the adoption papers.

This usually takes place on a Saturday.


It is important that you please note that the adoption takes place at:


TAG Pet Rescue Centre, Valley Rd, Margate, Kent. CT9 4LF


NOT at the kennels in Wingham


We only board our dogs at Rosedale kennels in Wingham so the adoption process does not take place there.


Step 7

Microchip transfer

Once the adoption papers are signed we will send the dog’s details, along with your details, to the microchip company to register your new dog in your details. If you wish to change the dog’s name, this is when we need to change it.


This is when you pay the adoption fee of £120

Please note that we do not have a card machine at the Centre.


Please Note

If for any reason you can no longer keep your dog, you are bound, via signing the adoption form, to return the dog to TAG at our earliest convenience.

At no time in the dog’s life must the dog be destroyed for any reason other than it is in the best interest of the dog and only the decision of the vet, to end the dog’s life to prevent prolonged pain and suffering.

TAG is a non-destruct Charity and will do everything we possibly can to find a home for everyone.


Please Note

It is our policy not to place our dogs to families with children less than 6yrs old if we have a history of the dog around Children, to ensure the safety of younger children.

We do not place our dogs with families with children less than 12yrs old if we do not have any history of the dog around children to ensure their safety.


Many of the dogs that we offer rescue spaces to are unclaimed strays.

We choose to help as many of these dogs as we possibly can to save them from being destroyed.


Almost all of the dogs are young, healthy, home-able dogs; some are elderly home-able dogs; some just need a little basic training. Whatever their story, they all have one thing in common; they all need to be loved by someone….


We hope your new rescued friend brings you much joy!

After all, the best breed is rescued!



Adopting a Dog from TAG

 All you need to know about the adoption process