Honey, Nutmeg, Maple & Juniper

Animal - Rabbits
Sex - Female and Male
Age -  DOB 20/02/2021
Location - Sanctuary


Beautiful baby buns Honey, Nutmeg, Juniper and Maple will be ready for re-homing after they have been neutered in approximately one month's time. They will be re-homed in pairs. They are good with handling but will need continued gentle and considerate handling and socialisation in the new home. They are incredibly curious and playful so would love a home with plenty of enrichment and toys to enjoy.

They are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RHD and VHD2 and will be neutered prior to adoption.

Rabbits are incredibly social animals and if left without company and things to do for a long time they can suffer. They have complex social needs and are happiest when kept with another friendly rabbit. Please adopt from rescues rather than buy your pet from a shop.

At TAG we ask for new homes to have a run that is a minimum of 6 ft x 10 ft. (After all that is only 4 bunny hops) A hutch should be attached so that rabbits can be self sufficient and get in and out when they choose. The hutch should be tall enough so that the rabbits can stand up on their hind legs and be at least 6 ft long. It is very important that they are secure as foxes are becoming more bold and will enter gardens even when people are there


Adopting a Rabbit from TAG

All you need to know about the adoption process

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