4-5 years
Could live with other dogs
Could live with cats
Could live with children
 Approx 12+
Other info
 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated 
Medical Conditions
Needs active owner

Willow was a stray and was found in a very emaciated condition.

She has now gained 3kg so is now in much better shape.

Willow, as most sighthounds do, thrives in the company of their own kind.

She is currently in foster with two resident sighthounds and is so happy to have friends around. We are looking for a home for Willow preferably with other similar breeds.

She is an absolute sweetheart who really appreciates the kindness  of her foster humans after all she has been through. 


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Age - 4-5 years
Breed - Sighthound
Sex - Female


Age - 8 years
Breed - Staffy
Sex - Female