12 years 
Could live with other dogs
Could live with cats
Could live with children
 Approx. 10 years+
Other info
 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated 
Medical Conditions
Needs active owner
 Not so much


Currently in foster awaiting his forever home.

Bruce came to TAG with a very nasty ear infection which has since been treated. This has left him with a slight head tilt.

On examination by the vet, Bruce is otherwise in very good health for his age.


Foster report.

Bruce is a very affectionate little Pug who loves his food and cuddles.

He is clean in the house and doesnt wander far from you.

He loves a little rough and tumble with belly rubs and enjoys playing hide and seek.

He is non destructive in the home and clean.


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Adopting a Dog from TAG

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