With more and more dogs finding their way into the shelter system, finding the perfect home is more important than ever. Some dogs are left behind due to natural causes, some have been mistreated or are simply abandoned by careless owners, but every dog is looking for that loving home where they can be happy and healthy.

All our pets come neutered/spayed and treated for fleas and worms.

Be sure to check our archives for advice on taking care of your new friend, as well as happy rehoming stories. 


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Age - 6 Years Approx
Breed - Staffy
Sex - Female


Age - 18 Months
Breed - Collie Cross
Sex - Male


Age - 7 Years
Breed - Rottie
Sex - Female


Age - 4 Years
Breed - Jack Russel
Sex - Male


Age - 6 Years
Breed - Lab Cross
Sex - Male


Age - 3 Years
Breed - Akita
Sex - Male


Age - 10 Years
Breed - Whippet Lab Cross
Sex - Male

Nancy & Noodle

Age - 1 & 2 Years
Breed - Whippet Lurcher Cross
Sex - Female & Male


Age - 18 Months
Breed - Whippet Lurcher Cross
Sex - Female

Jesse, Jazzy, Sydney, and Sassy

Age - 8 Weeks Approx
Breed - Lurcher
Sex - Male & Female