3 years
 Black & White
Could live with other cats
Could live with dogs
Could live with children
 Approx 14 years +
Other info
 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated 
Medical Conditions
Needs outside access



Billie is a super friendly cat. She loves a lap and a fuss and really enjoys spending time with her humans. She has bonded really well with the humans in her foster home but will need time to adjust to new humans and new home. She is an active young cat and loves to play with leaves, feathers and bugs! 

Billie is very sociable and affectionate but very reactive and easily startled - she tends to react to any unexpected noise or movement with extreme panic and instantly goes into flight mode. If she is very worried, she will go and hide briefly, then as soon as the ‘danger’ has passed she will come straight out and continue whatever she was doing. If she is slightly alarmed, as long as you stay quiet and don’t react, she just stays very still for a moment, then carries on as normal.


What Billie needs:

  • A calm, quiet home, ideally with no more than 3 people, with her own space that she can retreat to if she needs to
  • She could live with teenage children providing it is a quiet household
  • No children under 12 who visit regularly (she would find this too worrying)
  • No dogs
  • No other cats
  • A quiet road and surrounding area
  • A garden with plenty of vegetation to hide and shelter in
  • Calm, relaxed humans who will let her set the pace
  • She must stay indoors for at least 8 weeks until she is well bonded with her humans. During this time humans will need to be very mindful of opening windows and external doors as she may try to follow you out and is very quick.
  • Not to be re-homed in the CT9 postcode – we don’t want to risk her going back to where she spent her adventure. We are looking to home her close to or within Thanet so we can provide follow up support if required.


Billie is a fantastic little cat with so much to give back. If you are interested in offering her a home, please complete our Cat Adoption Application form online but please be sure you meet the requirements for Billie first – we need to make sure we get it right for her.


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