6 years
 Ginger & White
Could live with other cats
Could live with dogs
Could live with children
 Approx 14 years +
Other Info
 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped,   vaccinated
Medical conditions
 Foster home


Morty is TAG’s longest stay cat. He found life in the cattery very difficult and spent most of his time hiding but since being a foster home Morty has blossomed and shown what a lovely sociable boy he really is. He is a timid natured cat who will take time to settle in to his new home and will need owners to be patient and give him the time and space he needs to feel comfortable. Once settled Morty is a friendly boy who enjoys a fuss and likes to follow you round the house and garden but is equally happy to relax in a comfy bed and enjoy some me time!

Morty has asthma for which he will require treatment for the rest of his life. TAG will pay for this treatment.  Morty is really good about taking the pills, he just eats it with his food so giving him medication is no trouble at all. He will need check ups at Eagle Vets 3 or 4 times a year just so the vet can listen to his chest and make sure the medication dose is correct.

Morty is looking for a quiet home with just one or two people. He loves exploring the garden but has no experience of busy roads so needs a home with a safe garden on a quiet road or cul de sac. He’s not had any experience of children or dogs so is looking for an adult only home. He could live with another cat who has a gentle nature to match his own.

Morty is a fantastic feline – he is such a gentle cat and is just waiting for the perfect permanent home he so deserves.

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