approx 7 years


 Cream & Grey



Could live with other cats

 Yes - female only

Could live with dogs


Could live with children


Other info

 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated 

Medical Conditions


Needs outside access



** Please read Willow’s description and re-homing criteria carefully. The criteria are non-negotiable and please only apply if you meet them **

Meet Willow, a 7-year-old female very fluffy snow cat! Willow is TAG’s longest stay cat as despite her good looks she’s a complicated little creature.

Willow came to TAG after having had many litters of kittens. She was in desperate need of neutering and a dental and had to have all but 4 of her teeth removed. Willow went straight from her surgery to a foster home so her recovery could be monitored and we could assess what she was like in a home. The foster home was very quiet with no other animals and just one person who was sure not to force Willow to interact if she wasn’t comfortable with it. Time passed and Willow remained very quiet and shut down. She was very nervous of any movement and would shy away from hands. It was clear she wasn’t comfortable being around people.

It’s not fair to force a square peg into a round hole so we didn’t want to make Willow interact if she wasn’t happy to do so. As a final attempt to work out what might be missing for Willow, we moved her to a different foster home where there are other cats in the house that she could observe straight away through a glass door in her base room…

48 hours later to our astonishment, Willow came up to her foster dad, rubbed her head against him and demanded a fuss for the first time! Since then, Willow has become more confident. She enjoys a fuss (but only when she’s decided she wants one) and is keen to rub against and interact with the female cat in her foster home. She still is nervous of sudden movements or loud noises (although she doesn’t mind the hoover!) and we think this is just a reflection of who she is – she has an anxious disposition just like some people.

We now feel it’s time for Willow to take the next step and find a permanent home, but it MUST be 100% right as we don’t want to risk setting her back.

The following are a MUST…

👤 An adult only home that will remain an adult only home for the rest of her life

👥 No more than 2 people in the household. She is comfortable with both men and women but loves her foster dad more than her foster mum!

🐾 Not many visitors

🐕 No dogs and this must remain the case for the rest of her life

🐈 There must be one or two female cat-friendly cats in the home. We will need proof that these cats are cat friendly rather than just cat tolerant! Eg. Home visit/photos/videos showing mutual grooming between cats, rubbing on each other, sleeping snuggled together ying-yang style.

🌳 A well fenced or walled garden for her to explore when she is settled in several months’ time. She loves the outdoors so we don’t want her to be stuck indoors permanently.

🚗 No busy roads near by

🚽 She must have access to a litter tray indoors permanently

🏠 She must have her own room to keep as a safe space

She wouldn’t mind at all if you were out at work during the day – in fact this would probably suit her well

🐾 Her human must be very patient and willing to accept interaction only on her terms. She is a friendly girl but not a cuddly lap cat and is easily intimidated if interaction is forced. For Willow less is more. She does not want someone to spend lots of time with her - she would find this overwhelming and frightening. She will come to you in her own time and only when she is ready.

⏳ It will take months for her to fully settle and show her true self – her humans will need to bear with her during this time and not give up

🧎 She is happiest when you sit on the floor with her for a fuss so her human must be willing to sit and lie on the floor at her level!

Willow is not a cat who will give an instant satisfaction, but stick with her and she will be the most rewarding, affectionate, fluffy snow beast you will ever meet.

Applicants must be local to Thanet.

Adopting a Cat from TAG

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