approx 6 years


 Black & White



Could live with other cats


Could live with dogs


Could live with children


Other info

 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated 

Medical Conditions


Needs outside access



This is a special plea for Spirit who is looking to find his version of a happy ever after.

Spirit did not have a good life before coming to TAG and we can see this has affected him hugely. He’s looking to find a very special someone who will give him what he needs without expecting anything in return as he’s too worried by people to be able to give much back.

Spirit’s dream home would be....

  • Somewhere fairly rural and quiet with no busy roads near by
  • Somewhere with a very cat-friendly female cat (or two). He relates more to other cats than people but can find males a bit too dominant as he’s very gentle and submissive.
  • Somewhere with his own room that he can use as a base as he slowly settles in to his new environment
  • No children
  • No dogs
  • A human who will provide him with water, the right food, shelter, plenty of toys but not expect anything in return. Spirit doesn’t mind dealing with people at a safe distance but he does not want to be touched and we don’t expect this to change. We don’t want him to be in a position where someone is trying to make friends with him and stroke him; we know that that’s not what he wants from people.
  • He will need to stay indoors for several months while he becomes accustomed to his new surroundings. We would like him to be able to go outdoors in time but he needs to be sure of where home is first. Once he is comfortable with the outside world it may be that he just wants to use the house as a base and spend more time outdoors.

Giving Spirit a home will be a selfless act as he is too nervous to give much back in return BUT that selfless act will transform this little guy’s life and give him the happiness he really deserves.


Please fill in our application form to offer him a home.

Adopting a Cat from TAG

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