11 years


 Ginger & White



Could live with other cats


Could live with dogs


Could live with children


Other info

 Neutered, vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated 

Medical Conditions

 Sensitive diet for life

Needs outside access




Neo is 11 years old, although he really doesn't act like it! He's not had the best life and this means we need to make sure we find him his perfect fresh start. It has taken Neo quite sometime to adjust to his new surroundings and he is going to need a very understanding owner who will let him take things at his own pace and not expect too much from him in the first few weeks. He is super friendly and affectionate but very reactive to unexpected noises or movements.

Neo is looking for....

🏠 A quiet home with just one or two people and a room that can be set up as a base room for Neo, potentially for several months. He will need to be predominantly an indoor cat with a litter tray permanently available

🌳 We would like Neo to have the option of outside access but it may be a long time before he is ready to explore the outdoors (over 6 months). He has limited experience of the world so needs to live somewhere very quiet, ideally a cul de sac with no busy roads nearby.

👤 Neo needs a human who will understand that it will take him time to settle and he must not be rushed or feel under pressure. He cannot live with children and would be best living with a single person or couple.

🐈 Neo cannot live with other cats. He is very dominant when it comes to his interactions with other felines and is much more relaxed on his own.

🐕 Neo cannot live with dogs

🍽 Neo needs to have a sensitive diet for life - this is veterinary instruction. The food does not work out expensive and it costs 50p per day to feed him.

Please fill in our application form to offer him a home. 

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