Foster homes are the most vital part of dog re-homing, and we couldn’t help half the amount of dogs we do without foster homes. They provide the perfect chance to see what a dog is really like in his/her nature, what they do/do not like, how they are on the lead, with food, with children and other dogs.

When you foster for TAG, we cover all your food and veterinary bills and try to give you toys and blankets whenever we get them in, we are on hand for any help and advice or training tips. So all you need is time, patience, some basic doggy knowledge, a kind heart to give love and big enough heart to let them go to their forever homes in order to make room for the next homeless soul who has never seen love.

 'I couldn’t foster as I couldn’t bare the thought of letting them go.'

To which we reply

‘Which is worse? Letting them go to a wonderful forever home where they will be loved forever or letting them die alone, never knowing love, as hundreds do every week in pounds across the UK?’


Fostering is one of the most rewarding, selfless things you can do, but it is not without its trials and tribulations, some dogs need love and kindness, some need patience and training, some are just terrified and need calmness and time, and some may need your complete devotion for the first few weeks. Unlike humans, they can never explain their stories to us, they can never explain what they have endured and seen, nor what they have been subjected too - often all too soon in their short lives, so above all other things a good foster home has PATIENCE, then LOVE- with the right balance you can conquer most things laughing

We are always happy to accept applications for new foster homes. It is not essential that you are a dog owner, or have previously owned dogs, although obviously experience is useful for dogs that need a little more work before homing. What is important is that you are able to offer a secure garden, a safe home, time and commitment, and that you are willing to keep us updated with news of the dog you are caring for. Ideally there should be someone at home for at least part of the day. We promote positive training methods, and do not use punishment or harsh methods. We cover any medical treatments required, all you need to do is call us. An ability to drive is not essential, but does help as it reduces the extra work our volunteer drivers have to carry out. 


If you think you have the time, love and patience to foster a dog for TAG and be the lifeline they so desperately need please phone

03 0304 01 007 to have a chat and arrange a home visit.



*Please note: If you live in rented accommodation please discuss the possibility of fostering with your landlord to ensure that having pets in the property is acceptable.